“The more the world gets to experience Goli - the better the world will be.”

— Brigham, film maker + long-time client



Experience yourself beyond daily stress and tension stored in your body. Experience yourself beyond the fluctuations of your mind or emotions.  Experience yourself in a way distinct from your past, your "diagnosis" or any "stories" about your past.  Experience the Truest, most peaceful, more powerful essence that is you.  Reclaim your Magnificence.   xoxo - Goli


Providing a safe and nurturing environment, Goli draws on techniques from various yoga disciplines (Vinyasa, Iyengar & Kundalini yoga) to tailor each Private session to meet your specific needs + goals.  Within each 60-75 minute session, Goli will help you:

  • Strengthen and create ease in your body. 
  • Calm your mind and body. 
  • Learn mindfulness skills to help you gain control of your mind-body (rather than letting stress or anxiety control you.)
  • Experience your Truest nature - peaceful, free and beyond Diagnosis (ex. Stress, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Trauma, PTSD, Parkinson's Disease, etc.)   

A HOLISTIC APPROACH:  Goli's Holistic system of Yoga + Yoga Therapy addresses the Mind, Body, Emotions, Subtle Body, Spirit + Nervous System.

LEARN:  Within this system, you will learn:  precise alignment in a strength-building Yoga sequence; refined breathing techniques; mindfulness + relaxation techniques; guided imagery; progressive guided relaxation + meditation. 

CONNECT:   Tap into your most natural state of Ease within you…where everything works harmoniously together.  Peace, Serenity, Calm and Joy lies within. Experience it. 

HEAL:  In this purest, most harmonious state of Ease and Well-being, we tap into your body’s innate wisdom and natural ability to heal. 

TRANSFORM:  Neuroscience has revealed that our our brain and nervous system has the capacity to rewire itself through repeated experience. By repeatedly experiencing a state of ease, calm and inner peace attained in your yoga therapy practice, the mind-body-nervous system is “rewired” into a more joyous state of health + well being.


“Dear Goli ~ I feel most thankful for these experiences. Your spirit, your kindness and your love have literally changed my life already....I wish I could explain in words how I feel. Let me put it like this: I feel in the deepest place in my heart that the rest of my time on Planet Earth will be happier, healthier, richer and more rewarding now that you and I have reconnected. I truly feel that in my soul. Thank you for everything.”  — Brigham, film maker

“I want to thank you again for ***everything***. Your support and guidance during this very challenging time has been a Godsend. You truly are a gifted healer Goli - so much more than I ever knew when I initially contacted you about doing yoga....It felt so wonderful going out to the bday party tonight with a clear, calm, unadulterated mind. In the past I probably would’ve gotten stoned before or at the party- but tonight I had a great time without the substances and I felt 100x more connected to everyone without the fog clouding my mind.”

— Adam, Fashion Photographer

“I used to hate my body and even the sound of my breath. The techniques that Goli has taught me has changed my life. I live each day differently because of Goli’s unique approach to yoga, and am able to find amazing calm and consciousness through her distinct techniques.”  — Virginia, Media Publisher

“You have no idea how you have helped me with my recovery. The breathing and yoga you’ve taught me has helped me fight with my obsessive thoughts and eating disorder and helped me find a place of calm, peace and serenity that has been missing in my life.”  — Shannon, Advertising Executive

“I felt alive after our yoga practice. I don’t think this would have been possible without the help of Goli. She totally inspires me. I’ve never had anyone in my life encourage me like she does. She believes in me and is so positive and that has helped me believe in myself. I’m forever grateful for this.”  — Allison, Grad student“

You are an extraordinary individual. You will never know how much you truly helped me find myself again.”  — Nancy, Mother of four - Former Olympic Athlete

“Goli is a truly life-changing yogi to those she works with. Unlike many “fitness” yogis out there, her talent is working to change those from the inside out. Specializing in anxiety disorders–she truly changed my life and I am now panic attack-free!”   — Katrina, Mother