I am so blessed to have met you. Having suffered from panic attacks my entire life, I had never found anything that truly helped me control them. Medication was a disaster for me and ultimately proved to be hurting my life rather than helping me. When I met you, I was in an acute state of panic attacks and suffered from depression because of it. I had never tried yoga therapy but was willing to try anything. In our first few sessions I could feel a transformation in my mood and started to believe that your work might help. To make a long story short, it worked a miracle! 
My life has totally changed and I have been free of panic attacks since our last session-over 10 years ago! You have taught me tools to use and fall back on when I need them. It is more than possible to achieve a life free of panic attacks without using medication–in fact, I believe that your yoga therapy has been THE ONLY thing that has truly ever worked and has continued to work long term. My life is incredible now. I’m married to the love of my life and we just had our first baby, and I believe it has a lot to do with our work together.
- Kate (age 32)

Dear Goli ~ I feel ***most thankful*** that these experiences have given me a chance to get to know y-o-u  better. Your spirit, your kindness and your love have literally changed my life already... I wish I could explain in words how I feel. Let me put it like this: I feel in the deepest place in my heart that the rest of my time on the Planet Earth will be happier, healthier, richer and more rewarding now that you and I have reconnected. I truly feel that in my soul. I feel like you've taught me more about what Love actually is about people and even animals.

Thank you for everything.


Dear Goli ~ I want to thank you again for ***everything***. Your support and guidance during this very challenging time has been a Godsend. You truly are a gifted healer Goli - so much more than I ever knew when I initially contacted you about doing yoga. Great session today! So glad we began to write the 'Brig Ideas'. I have them set in a very special spot so I see them every time i walk into my closet; morning, noon or night. It felt so wonderful going out to the bday party tonight with a clear, calm, unadulterated mind. In the past I probably would've gotten stoned before or at the party- but tonight I had a great time without the substances and I felt 100x more connected to everyone without the fog clouding my mind. Off to sleep now. 💤Looking forward to connecting again, as your schedule permits. Namaste.


Hi Goli ~ hope your weekend is full of love, fun and happiness. I slept so well last night - best sleep in months - it was more like a deep hibernation, ten amazing hours. I awoke feeling so much more calm and at peace. Thank you so much for being a guiding light and such a wise and articulate teacher. The more the world gets to experience you - the better the world will be. Namaste. ~ B 🙏


Goli is the long-time personal Yoga instructor to Gerard Butler. She also works regularly with pop star Ashlee Simpson, Athletes, and high profile private lients in the Fashion and Business world.