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JUNE 2012. *CLICK TO LISTEN:  Goli’s 1-hr Interview from the Wellness on Purpose Global Summit. “GOLI GABBAY – YOGA FOR EVERY BODY. SIMPLE PRACTICES FOR RELAXATION + BALANCE.”

Practicing yoga with Goli has made me feel stronger and more confident. Although the changes I have experienced physically have been rewarding over the last few weeks, it is the emotional changes and shift in consciousness that have been most beneficial. Goli has taught me to feel calmer and more centered. In a few short weeks, yoga therapy has helped me to alter the way that I deal with my emotions - both good and bad.
Dealing with depression will be a life-long process for me, but practicing Yoga therapy has begun to change the perspective of HOW I deal with it.

Yoga therapy has become the cornerstone of my recovery process and something that I am able to incorporate into all other aspects of my life. It has solidified my belief that I have the power to heal within myself. And it has helped me on the path towards self-worth and self-acceptance.
— David, client at BTR where Goli taught for 16 years