Corporate yoga programs bring the benefits of Stress/Anxiety relief, Mindfulness and Wellness directly to your workplace.

After assessing your company’s needs, Goli will design customized sessions which include: yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing + stress relief/relaxation techniques.  Sessions are conducted in the office.  Retreats are also available, upon request.  Goli has designed successful Corporate Wellness Programs at an array of companies including Tiffany & Co. in Beverly Hills and NBC.

Since we never get off our duffs, I decided that my entire office could use some exercise, some stretching, something to release our tension – Goli was our answer. Goli is very patient, extremely knowledgeable, and extremely flexible working with our group. Our staff ranges from a seventy-year old to a pregnant twenty-seven year old and everything in between. We have one man in the group, and we have weight problems, bad backs, sore hips, and even a pulled groin muscle. Goli has dealt with all of these problems and customized our yoga program to include all these factors. As a result of Goli’s dedication to our motley crew, we are all feeling better, losing weight, and most importantly, enjoying our work more.
— Carrie P., President, Blaine & Associates in Los Angeles, CA