photo:  michel andreo

photo:  michel andreo


GOLI GABBAY was named one of the “Yogis Shifting the Planet” by ORIGIN Magazine. With over 20 years of professional experience and clinical research, Goli is a pioneer and innovator in her field having pushed yoga to a transformative, therapeutic frontier.  She has developed a unique and holistic system of Wellness bridging together Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness and Neuroscience for Optimal Mind, Body and Psychological Health.

Specializing in Stress and Anxiety disorders, Trauma/PTSD, Chronic Pain and Preventative Health to name a few,  Goli empowers her clients with hands-on, practical tools and techniques.  These include: customized yoga sequences; breathing and mindfulness techniques; calming stress relief techniques; guided imagery; progressive relaxation; and guided meditation.

Her dynamic teaching style integrates her training in multiple disciplines of yoga including: Vinyasa, Iyengar & Kundalini yoga and meditation and 16 years of clinical research applying her techniques to help uplift the most traumatized populations .  While Goli’s students undoubtedly achieve physical and mental strength, she is masterful in helping people experience Subtle Body awareness and their most natural state of Ease and Deep Relaxation. 

A long time private instructor to Actor-Producer Gerard Butler and others, Goli is sought after by Celebrity clients.  She has also worked as the lead Yoga Therapist at Los Angeles’ most elite Psychological Recovery Centers as well as UCLA’s Collaborative Center for Integrative Medicine.   Articulate, compassionate and attuned to her clients, she makes yoga and meditation accessible to all.   Her clients have achieved profound breakthroughs in physical health, personal development and mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.   In addition to her private practice, she is a brand ambassador for Yogasmoga and a contributing writer to MindBodyGreen. 


  • YOGA WORKS (2005): 500-hour RYT with Annie Carpenter (Vinyasa Flow Yoga) + Lisa Walford (Iyengar Yoga.)

  • EXHALE CENTER FOR SACRED MOVEMENT (2003): 200-hour RYT. Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Saul David Raye, Max Strom + Shiva Rea.

  • YOGA WEST KUNDALINI YOGA + MEDITATION (1998):  KRI-200-hour RYT as taught by Yogi Bhajan with Guru Singh + Guru Meher Singh.




Parallel to her Yoga career, Goli was a pioneer and one of the youngest Environmental Consultants of her time.  For over 15 years, she has helped design and implement innovative Environmental Programs and Public Education Campaigns for:  Corporations, Manufacturing Plants (including BP Solar), Government Agencies, and an array of Environmental Organizations, including the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Global Green USA.



MIND. BODY. YOGA. ECO. CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE. Goli is passionate about integrating her Environmental expertise to her Yoga practice. She wants to inspire people to lead Healthful, Green, Conscientious (Cruelty-Free) Lifestyles. (see lifestyle.)



  • Goli co-designed and implemented the most successful Business Environmental program to date for the City of Santa Monica. The "Sustainable Works Business Greening Program"  addressed:  waste reduction, recycling, water, energy use, reducing cleaning chemicals use City-wide.  While working with the City, she served as the Co-Chair of Santa Monica’s Chamber of Commerce Environmental Affairs Committee. 
  • She implemented Electronic Waste recycling programs for Cities throughout the State of California – helping to reduce thousands of tons of E-waste from being illegally dumped in landfills.  
  • Goli spearheaded a project with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the Earth Communications Office (ECO) and to translate ECO’s award-winning environmental public service announcements (PSA’s) into the six UN languages and distribute them globally.  The project resulted in educating and inspiring over 1 billion people worldwide to take environmental actions. 
  • She worked with the Hollywood industry to produce the media awareness campaign for the International Year of the Coral Reef and for America’s first radio PSA’s focusing on health and the environment.
  • Goli wrote the "Green Building Guidelines" for the huge Playa Vista development project in Los Angeles.
  • As an Environmental Educator, Goli helped develop and launch a cutting-edge environmental outreach and education program that educated 622,000 secondary students throughout LA County.  The TreePeople program called, "Generation Earth," addressed recycling, waste reduction, composting, storm water pollution, and household hazardous waste.
  • She spearheaded + implemented the Coachella Music Festival's Recycling Program. 
  • Goli "greened" the Light Group's Bars and Restaurants in Las Vegas, Nevada, including: Light Nightclub, Jet Nightclub, Mist Lounge, Fix Restaurant, Caramel Lounge + Stack Restaurant.