photo:  michel andreo

photo:  michel andreo


GOLI GABBAY has been named one of the “Yogis Shifting the Planet” by ORIGIN Magazine.  An Environmentalist, Animal Activist, Vegan, Yogi and Wellness Expert -- she has been featured on KTLA News, the Los Angeles Times, MindBodyGreen, Yogi Times, LA Yoga Magazine, and can be frequently seen featured in Origin Magazine (“20 Powerful Women,” “Inspiring Moms”) and Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine (Cover, “Teachers Who Inspire.”) 

Goli lives in Los Angeles with her two children and two rescue puppies.  She is enlivened by electronic music, nature and the serene simplicity of the vast open desert.  From the early age of eight, Goli has been passionate about elevating consciousness and stewardship of the planet by helping people connect deeply to themselves and in turn, the Earth.


Trained and certified in alignment-based Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga + Meditation, Goli is an innovator in the Wellness field having pushed Yoga to a transformative frontier.   With 18 years of teaching experience and clinical research, Goli has developed a unique system of Yoga + Yoga Therapy for Recovery that is accessible to all and relevant to our modern lifestyle.  

Her teachings integrate: Alignment-based Yoga Asana; Mindfulness; Guided Imagery; Guided Relaxation Therapy (yoga nidra); Neuroscience and Meditation. As the lead Yoga Therapist in Los Angeles' most renown Psychological Recovery Centers, Goli's hands-on tools and system was effective in uplifting and creating Optimal Mind, Body, Spiritual and Emotionall Health in even the most traumatized populations with whom she worked with for almost two decades. 


Goli sought after by Hollywood creatives, distinguished Corporate Leaders, Celebrity Clients (including long-time client Gerard Butler), Athletes, Young Adults, and patients in Los Angeles’ most well-known Psychological Recovery Centers. Articulate, humorous, compassionate and attuned to her clients, she makes yoga and meditation accessible to all.   Her clients have achieved profound breakthroughs in physical health, personal development and mental, psychological, and spiritual wellness. 


Goli has been honored to present at events ranging from Neuroscience Galas - as a featured speaker in the presence and company of the most innovative and leading neuroscientists; Festivals to Sound Off Yoga events (Silent Disco Yoga). 


  • YOGA WORKS (2005): 500-hour RYT with Annie Carpenter (Vinyasa Flow Yoga) + Lisa Walford (Iyengar Yoga.)

  • EXHALE CENTER FOR SACRED MOVEMENT (2003): 300-hour RYT. Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Saul David Raye, Max Strom + Shiva Rea.

  • YOGA WEST KUNDALINI YOGA + MEDITATION (1998):  KRI-200-hour RYT as taught by Yogi Bhajan with Guru Singh + Guru Meher Singh.




Parallel to her Yoga career, Goli has helped design and implement innovative Environmental Programs and Public Education Campaigns for:  Corporations, Manufacturing Plants, Government Agencies, and an array of Environmental Organizations, including the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Global Green USA.  Based in Los Angeles, CA, she has worked as an Environmental Sustainability + Zero Waste Consultant since 1994.  For a list of clients, current and past projects: see ENVIRONMENT

MIND. BODY. YOGA. ECO. CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE. A Yogi + Environmentalist, Goli wants to inspire humanity to become conscious Global Citizens contribute to making the world a harmonious, better, more peaceful world for all living beings. (see LIFESTYLE.)